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Find out the key differences between Fulfillable and Huboo for 3PL services. If the question is "Should I Use Huboo" or "Should I use Fulfillable" read on. We always recommend reaching out and discussing your needs, with fulfilment one size does not always fit all. It is important that whichever 3PL company you work with can suit your exact requirements. This is a direct website comparison.

Designed to disrupt existing fulfilment models by being a client orientated 3PL.
Est. 2021
A keen focus on being a "Tech First" fulfilment 3PL with automatic shipping.
Est. 2017

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Automatic Order Shipping

Shipping Price Per Order Shown

Shipping Price Per Item Shown

100+ API Integrations Shown

Free Packaging For All

Storage Charged By Volume

Storage Charged Per Item

Dedicated Account Manager For All

Minimum Order Volume Charge

Returns Management

Free Storage For 2 Months

Monthly Subscription Charge

Cheaper Than Post Office

Information appears correct as of 15th October 2021. This page is to help determine the differences between fulfillable.co.uk and huboo.co.uk. The above does not report to be factually correct at the time of reading and is only provided as a guide. You should confirm exact information with the concerned company before making any informed decision. 100+ Pre-Built integrations are provided by Fulfillable, 95 percent of those are free of charge and unlimited.¹ *As Displayed On Website* Huboo's website offers inclusive shipping, picking & packing per item. There is no clear rate offered for clients shipping multiple items together, potential clients should inquire to find out more.*As Displayed On Website* Clients should check with either Fulfilment company for the exact number of integrations provided. At the time of writing Huboo are showing 17 integrations offered however claim to offer "218+". *As Displayed On Website* Huboo state they offer free packaging however their website shows a price range for packaging items. Packaging is FREE of charge for every client and item with Fulfillable.

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