3PL Fulfilment Pricing

Our pricing is transparent and simple. No hidden fees, no subscriptions, and you only pay for what you use. Never in advance. Need a detailed estimate? Fill out our contact form below.

How is 3PL Pricing Calculated?

Fulfilment pricing is broken down into four separate charges. A complete breakdown is provided with every invoice – so you always know exactly how you have been charged for each order. We never bill in advance or impose a minimum charge. The pick & pack charge includes FREE basic packaging.


This covers us receiving and processing in your goods.

Pick & Pack

This covers picking, packing and packaging for your orders.


This is a monthly storage charge based on volume.


This is the carriers charge for shipping your orders to the customer.

Inbound Costs

We charge a small fee for checking in and sorting your items when they arrive to our warehouse.

Only Pay Per Unit, Not Per Hour

No Minimum Inbound Quantity

Lowest Industry Inbound Fees


£ 0.02

/ per unit

For products that arrive barcoded and ready to scan in.

Fastest Check-In Times


£ 0.10

/ per unit

For products that we need to barcode manually.

Longer Check-In Times

3PL Pricing Calculator

1. Orders

Estimated Orders Per Month

2. Storage

How many pallets do you estimate we will need to store?

3. Select Preferred Shipping Option

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2 Day Tracked

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Your Estimation

Pick, Pack & Packaging


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per pallet monthly


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Total Price Per Order



Pricing above is an estimation. Storage is charged monthly by volume, in m². 1 m² is approximately 1 pallet. All prices exclude VAT where applicable. Shipments are billed on weight and size, there are many more services available. Please contact us for a formal quote.

Ready For A Formal Quote?


£ 1.00

/ per item

We will scan, grade and sort your returns based on their condition.

Fast Processing Times


Accepting returns is an industry standard in the modern days of e-commerce. We fully take over your returns so you don’t have to.

Re-sellable products are checked back in to your inventory.

All returns are logged on your dashboard.

Customers stay happy.

Advanced Integrations



/ per month

Connection To QuickBooks Attracts A Small Service Fee.

Premium Integrations

Contact Us

/ per integration

While most integrations are free of charge, some premium non-standard integrations attract a small fee. Some examples would include: Argos, Oracle, Wayfair & SAP. Please contact us

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