3PL Fulfilment Pricing

Our pricing is transparent and simple. No hidden fees, no subscriptions, and you only pay for what you use. Never in advance. Need a detailed estimate? Fill out our contact form below.

How is 3PL Pricing Calculated?

Fulfilment pricing is broken down into four separate charges. A complete breakdown is provided with every invoice – so you always know exactly how you have been charged for each order. We never bill in advance or impose a minimum charge. The pick & pack charge includes FREE basic packaging.


This covers us receiving and processing in your goods.

Pick & Pack

This covers picking, packing and packaging for your orders.


This is a monthly storage charge based on volume.


This is the carriers charge for shipping your orders to the customer.

Inbound Costs

We charge a small fee for checking in and sorting your items when they arrive to our warehouse.

Only Pay Per Unit, Not Per Hour

No Minimum Inbound Quantity

Lowest Industry Inbound Fees


£ 0.02

/ per unit

For products that arrive barcoded and ready to scan in.

Fast Check-In Times

We do not accept un-barcoded products. Please contact us if you have questions about barcodes.

3PL Pricing Calculator

1. Orders

Estimated Orders Per Month

2. Storage

How many pallets do you estimate we will need to store?

3. Select Preferred Shipping Option

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2 Day Tracked

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Your Estimation

Pick, Pack & Packaging


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per pallet monthly


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Total Price Per Order



Pricing above is an estimation. Storage is charged monthly by volume, in m². 1 m² is approximately 1 pallet. All prices exclude VAT where applicable. Shipments are billed on weight and size, there are many more services available. Please contact us for a formal quote.

Ready For A Formal Quote?


£ 1.00

/ per item

We will scan, grade and sort your returns based on their condition.

Fast Processing Times


Accepting returns is an industry standard in the modern days of e-commerce. We fully take over your returns so you don't have to.

Re-sellable products are checked back in to your inventory.

All returns are logged on your dashboard.

Customers stay happy.

Advanced Integrations



/ per month

Connection To QuickBooks Attracts A Small Service Fee.

Premium Integrations

Contact Us

/ per integration

While most integrations are free of charge, some premium non-standard integrations attract a small fee. Some examples would include: Argos, Oracle, Wayfair & SAP. Please contact us

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