Product Bundles

Selling your products in bundles as well as individually can be a great way to maximise revenue and, tempt in new customers.

Create Bundle

Create a bundle from your Fulfillable dashboard. Add the products you want in the bundle and give it a unique SKU.

Add SKU to channel

On your website or channel create the bundle product, use the SKU you created from the fulfillable dashboard.

Stock Is Synced

Fulfillable will control stock, for example if one of the products in your bundle is out of stock, the whole bundle will not be purchasable.

Another word for bundles.

What are bundles?

Bundling is essentially selling multiple products together as one. For example, lets say you sell a t-shirt on its own. Then you also have a bundle including that same t-shirt and a hat. By creating a bundle product in the Fulfillable dashboard, containing the t-shirt and the hat, it lets us know whenever you sell that bundle, that we need to pick both products.

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