Hair & Beauty


  1. "As swimmers, we couldn't find anything that met
  2. our needs so we decided to do it by ourselves"

With this goal TRIHARD set out to find a fulfilment partner with the technology to give them a birds-eye view of the operation. The owner Rei found the stock reports quite useful when placing supply orders.

Trihard was founded by owner Ray Lalo with his passion for swimming spotted a gap in the market for a suitable range of products that help to deal with the effects of chlorine & bromine. The success has been broadened due to TRIHARD's experience within the pool and success with their range's of shampoo, conditioner, face wash & eye gel.

Rei, the founder of TRIHARD, said: TRIHARD also owns one of the largest Multi-Sport groups in Europe and the Middle East. By closely training our 300 swimmers and triathletes, we have noticed that each one of them encounters different side effects that occur when swimming. When we realized that there were not any products currently tailored to their needs that we could recommend, we decided to join forces with Paloma Dead Sea and do it ourselves."

"Swimmers everywhere trust our products to deliver results. But don't just take our word for it, try us out for yourself."

The Challenge

Prior to teaming up with Fulfillable, TRIHARD was fulfilling there orders only within America and felt the next big market to join was with the UK. Due to TRIHARD's orders containing on average 6 pickable items (this includes custom boxes and leaflets) it was key that every order was accurately picked – especially as many of there customers are abroad. Since being with us we have maintained an order accuracy of 99.7%.

Another key factor for Rei to consider was communication which from his experience can be left down to submitting tickets which can take considerable time to answer. At Fulfillable we give all our clients the option to have a dedicated whatsapp number so they can contact there account manager, resting assured and issues are resolved swiftly.

It was important for TRIHARD to be setup with there account quickly in order for them to open there website to there fanbase within the UK & Europe. Upon contacting us we can usually have your account setup within 24 hours – and guide you through connecting your site, understand the Fulfillable System and much more.