Case Study


“To expertly craft the world’s top rated cashmere into amazing modern day styled knitwear that would earn a worldwide recognition in terms of quality and aesthetic appeal."

"As we sell quite expensive items, we were so nervous handing out all the stock that we decided to bring the first delivery ourselves: We drove to the warehouse in a van just to have a look at their warehouse and have a chat. The warehouse is spotless, tidy and the management is great."

Simone, Founder & CEO

Upon Simone seeing a growing opportunity to expand the company business, which his father Alfonso set up 36 years prior in Tuscany, Italy - Simone started looking at bringing his lines of products to a trusted fulfilment centre who could distribute all around the world. On launching the site, it was quite clear Italy in Cashmere was growing to a level in which it was becoming difficult to dispatch the items in-house.

It is inevitable that a growing e-commerce business will get to this stage, but businesses are often reluctant to outsource this with the view of losing insight into their company. We started Fulfillable with many years experience within the e-commerce industry, and this helped us develop a platform that gives uses full transparency of their logistics. Have a look for yourself.

The Challenge

A big challenge with outsourcing fulfilment for Italy In Cashmere was the worry of the value of the stock they sell. Accuracy was paramount for success. They required a fulfilment centre that understood the important role that fulfilling has on their business. We stride for this success as we know that any mistakes or delays can cause issues and effect the integrity of a e-commerce business. We as a company understand that not all e-commerce companies may approach us sending out 1000's of orders a month - but a key to our success is building relationships with our clients as at the end of the day, your success is ours.

Due to Italy In Cashmere's growing international customers, it was imperative to them that they could find a fulfilment company who could offer competitive postage to all areas of the world. This pricing has helped Italy In Cashmere growing their presence to the international market.

"t's about 6 months now that we are in business and I have to say it was the best business decision we could have taken."

Simone, Founder & CEO

The Delivery

Upon partnering up with Fulfillable, Italy In Cashmere has made full use of the technology driven Fulfillable App - giving them the option to monitor all aspects, from initial check in, to dispatch and returns. Our WMS is also mobile device friendly!

The Integration of this software has given Italy In Cashmere great insights into product performance, stock insights and ordering requirements. Simone has also found it very useful that returned items are logged individually giving clarity as to reasons and whether the stock is in a new condition ready to be checked into stock.

By delegating full logistical responsibility of Italy In Cashmere over to Fulfillable, Simone has been able to focus his time on developing the brand and expanding the ranges that Italy In Cashmere offers.

"It's great to see a young, hungry company delivering a great service - I think we have a lot in common... my advice: look no further."

Simone, Founder & CEO

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